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Faultless Inspirations offers a moderate collection of rentals. If you are interested in renting any of our mirrors or signage, we've provided a "Renting in a Glance" section below to help ensure that everything runs smoothly for your occasion.

renting in a glance


If I like a mirror, but am not sure I want to rent it yet, can you hold it for me?

Mirrors are first come, first serve. Signing your contract and payment of your retainer fee will secure your mirror. If you decide on another mirror, and it is available, you may transfer your payment.

My wedding/event is in a Chicago Suburb, do you deliver?


We are happy to deliver your mirrors and signage within city limits for a standard delivery fee. For mirrors outside of city limits we use a third party delivery service and that fee is applied to your invoice. You are more than welcome to arrange your own pick up and/or drop off to avoid delivery charges.

How do I book a mirror only? I don't need calligraphy services.


Unfortunately, due to the modest size of our rental collection and the busyness of wedding season, our rental collection is reserved for clients needing our calligraphy services.

Do you only rent mirrors?

Not at all! We are constantly updating our inventory. Ask about our acrylic, chalkboard, and wood rentals.


rental collection

Click the images below to view our collection.

JPEG image.jpeg


Small signage/mirrors are great to use for cards and gifts, "down the aisle" signage, sweets tables, bar menus, reception signage and/or quotes. Small acrylic panes can be used as table numbers or table menus.



Large mirrors are great to use for menus, event signage, sweets tables, and or quotes. Select large mirrors can be used for small seating charts. Seating charts start at $150.00.



Floor mirrors are your go to mirrors for large seating charts, welcome signage, corporate signage (i.e. sponsor listings, product details). 

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