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Signage that speaks your love language.


Seating CHARTS

Invite your guests to their seats with a stunning hand-lettered seating chart on a mirror, fabric, acrylic, wood surface or any other desired surface.


This impactful, eye-catching and functional decor is a guaranteed showstopper, known to be a talking piece long after guests have been escorted to their tables.

We have a modest collection of rentals available for our clients who book signage.

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Custom signage that sets you apart - invest in exclusivity.

With decor budgets typically around 10% of total wedding costs, it's important to allocate those funds towards something that truly showcases your personality. Faultless Inspirations is known for ensuring that your custom signage will be a beautiful and memorable addition to your wedding. As a result, we have a minimum investment of $1000 for signage. This minimum is based on a standard wedding package for 125 - 175 guests and generally covers costs for the following: a welcome sign, seating chart, up to 17 table numbers and two 8" x 10" signs such as "Wishing Well" or "In Memoriam" signage.


Custom calligraphy signage is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Let's work together to create an effortless, cohesive look that faultlessly captures your vision.


The final touches of any event are crucial in creating a memorable experience for all guests. That's why we emphasize the importance of day-of signage, such as welcome signs, table numbers, signature drink menus, gifts and cards signage, "In memoriam signage" and the order of the program.

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